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Old city quarter, with a character

Serenity Split Apartments are in Radunica quarter in the center of Split, a 500 year old part of the city full of white stone houses, narrow alleyways, red roof tiles and above all character.

Just a couple of minutes stroll away the imposing Diocletian Palace awaits full of Roman history, museum, restaurants and clubs. Visit the city promenade by the sea and experience the coffee culture together with fashionable locals sipping espresso, latte and cappuccinos all day long. Visit inspiring museum and galleries such as the Gallery of Fine Art, Mestrovic Gallery or the Museum of Split. Climb the top of St Dominus cathedral tower and admire the 360 uninterrupted view of the city and its busy port. Be a part of the foodie revolution in Split by dining in one of its contemporary Dalmatian eateries. Sightsee during the day; dine on the freshest local seafood in the evening and party at night but escape from the hustle and bustle of it all to Serenity Split Apartments.

Museums, resturants, night clubs and beaches are all within a 5 minute stroll.